Vertical Lift Modules

High density inventory storage system designed to help maximise floor space, minimise picking time and improve productivity

Australian Made & Supported Vertical Lift Modules

Designed and manufactured on Australian soil, every machine is custom-built to order by our local team of passionate technical experts. We are proud to have developed Australia’s first and only home-grown vertical storage and lift machine. What’s more, almost all components are made locally by trusted suppliers, meaning they’re readily available to ensure a quick turnaround and delivery.

Vertical Lift Module Product Features

There are multiple benefits of installing an ELF Automation Vertical Lift Modules. The following are some of the key features.

Modular Design

Thanks to its modular design, the ELF Vertical Lift Modules can be extended from 2.3 metres to 12 metres, or any height in between, making it suitable for any environment.

Small Footprint

The ELF Vertical Lift Modules is the ultimate space saver. Save up to 80% of your floor space by neatly storing all small to medium-sized components in this handy, safe and convenient unit. 

Single or Multiple Work Stations

With a modular construction, it’s possible to have more than one workstation, where a tray gets delivered. It is even possible to have them on different floor levels if required.

Height Sensing Optimisation

Each Vertical Lift Machine is fitted with high-density sensor beams, which intuitively and accurately calculate the height of each tray’s load. The lift inside the machine then moves each tray to the closest appropriate storage spot, ensuring no space is wasted.

Pick to Light System

A combination of LED row and laser depth indicators make it easy for workers to see where components are stored. The result of this ‘pick to light’ system is improved accuracy and the reduced potential for error. By improving efficiencies in this way you’ll boost order fulfilment performance, as well as saving time and money. 

Tray Size & Weight

The design of each VLM tray is robust, allowing it to support a substantial load. Specifically, the tray is capable of carrying items up to 700mm in height, accommodating a variety of large objects. Additionally, it has a weight capacity of up to 500kg, making it suitable for heavier loads. 

Safety & Security

When our VLM equipment is in use, safety light curtains are activated to protect your people with ultimate precision. Whenever it’s not in use, an automated roller door protects the stored contents from dust, contaminants and theft. 

Visual Safety

To enhance safety even further a specially designed, industry-first LED indicator system lets you know the machine is safe and ready to operate. A green light illuminates the workstation when everything is running smoothly, and if one of the strict safety parameters is broken, a red light will replace the green 

VLM User Interface

The wellbeing of your team is our number one priority. The VLM user interface is adjustable for ease of operation. It has been designed to optimise picking comfort. The picking height of the tray ensures no unnecessary bending or reaching is required

What is a Vertical Lift Module?

A Vertical Lift Module (VLM) is an automated storage and retrieval system that is designed to optimise space and improve efficiency in storage environments. It consists of two parallel columns of trays, with an extractor mechanism placed in the centre. The extractor moves up and down between the columns to retrieve or store trays in their respective locations.

The ELF Automation VLM, represents the latest evolution of automated storage and retrieval systems. It is designed to support a wide range of functions across various industries, ranging from manufacturing to warehousing, retail and distribution.

How does it work? The enclosed VLM unit houses a series of trays stored vertically at both the front and back. These trays can be filled with components for storage. The in-built vertical lift automatically moves the trays to a suitable location within the system.

Vertical Lift Module (VLM) Frequently Asked Questions

A VLM makes use of vertical space, significantly reducing the physical footprint required for storage. It optimises space by storing items densely and retrieving them quickly through an automated system.

Yes, VLMs are highly customisable. They can be tailored in terms of size, tray dimensions, load capacity, and the type of control software used, to meet specific operational requirements.

VLMs can store a wide range of items, from small parts to larger boxes. They are used in various industries including electronics, automotive parts, pharmaceuticals, and more. It’s important to discuss specific needs with the manufacturer to ensure compatibility.

The ELF Automation VLM can be integrated with any existing warehouse management systems (WMS) to streamline operations and maintain real-time inventory control.

Maintenance needs are generally minimal but crucial for ensuring long-term reliability and efficiency. ELF Automation offers maintenance services and we recommend regular checks and servicing.

Our VLM is designed to be user-friendly, but training is required to be able to operate the software and understand the operational procedures. We provide extensive training upon installation.

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