Vertical Lift Modules and Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems

ELF Automation is an Australian Manufacturer of Vertical Lift Modules and Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems that assist companies to increase profitability through improved output and accuracy.

How We Help Our Customers

Typically our customers come to us because they are experiencing one or more of the following problems:

Getting Squeezed for Space in Current Facility

With a change in manufacturing environment, the companyneeds to consolidate space for higher revenue outcomes.

The Time Cost of Finding Critical Spares is Too High

Wrong critical spares for the wrong machines are being picked, leading to wasted time and costs.

Losing Control of Inventory and Stock

Free-for-all method of supplying spares to maintenance division is creating a security risk.

Optimise Floorspace & Improve Productivity with a VLM System

Locally Designed & Manufactured VLM's

Australian owned and manufactured, ELF Automation seamlessly integrates cutting-edge design, superior craftsmanship, and top-tier components to craft a ground-breaking, durable, and dependable vertical lift storage systems. Engineered to foster cost-effectiveness and elevate productivity, our Vertical Lift Modules are meticulously designed to optimise floor space, streamline picking processes, and enhance efficiency.

Seamless Integration with any WMS System

ELF Automation has developed a proprietary system that is one the most advanced on the market today. Our inventory system is next generation technology capable of integrating seamlessly with any common relational database based Inventory and Warehouse Management System technology. 

Warehouse Management System

Why Choose ELF Automation

Specialisation in Manufacturers with High Value Moving Parts

No one else understands the Australian manufacturing market like us, which allows us to create bespoke and tailored solutions for our client needs.

Vertically Integrated Offering from Start to End

From Design to Software Development, Manufacturing, Test & Commission, Site Installation and Ongoing Service all under the one roof.

Pre-Tested & Integrated Before Delivery

We do full pre-testing and integration before its sent to site, so our customers know they’re getting a perfectly working machine from the start.

What Our Clients Say

Client Testimonials

Read some of the testimonials from clients that have installed our Vertical Lift Machines.

"The introduction of the machines, has been exciting for our team. New innovation, is is always exciting, and also they can see the benefits. From a team member or let's say, a warehouse process, when you see developments within the warehouse, you know, you can see a lot more orders go out. Before we installed the two VLM machines, our warehouse was almost at capacity. We didn't have room to store a lot of our inbound pallets. With the installation, we've been able to save, seven seven to eight hundred square meters of space, which we've now utilised in in pallet space, and put those same goods inside, the two VLM machines. The customer receives their goods faster which provides us with a return on the machines on its own."
AllFasteners - Warehouse Manager
"So one of the big benefits to the vertical lift machine at the moment is stock take. Prior to this machine, it would probably take us nearly one to two weeks of stock taking what we had on the shelf. So now it's actually logged in into the system and easily identifiable stock on hand. Another benefit would be, is for our service guys out on the field can actually dial in remotely to access stock on hand as well. So it's just something that we had to do."
Jamie Dickson
EDP- Operations Manager
"This machine is a wonderful inclusion into our business to improve our systems, improve our ability to be able to find product, to handle product, and to speed up our processes. The machine, is made in Australia and what we found is that having this installed here if there are any issues with the machine, the service and the parts are easy to come by, we don't have to wait for a huge lead times out of out of China or out of Europe."
Bucher Municipal - Factory Manager

Our Clients

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