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Spoutvac accommodated growth by consolidating small to medium part storage and increasing space within existing facility.


Bendigo, Victoria


Machinery Manufacturing


November 2022

Project Background

Spoutvac is solely focused on the manufacture and In Service Support of Vacuum Trucks and Drain Cleaning equipment. Spoutvac’s manufacturing and support facility is purpose built to accommodate the specialised manufacture demanded by this equipment.

The company has maintained a solid growth path in the development and manufacture of this product and its support capability.

Product design and performance has attracted a considerable Australia wide client base and world-wide recognition. Spoutvac’s reputation is synonymous with quality and reliability Australia wide for almost 30 years.

Spoutvac’s modular approach to achieve the integrated combined application of a Industrial Vacuum Truck and High Pressure Water or Drain Cleaning Jetting Truck has become renowned to the Australian industry as the Spoutvac Combo. Development and refinement of this equipment continues with the support and feedback of our customers.

Project Details


Having called on ELF Automation to carry out an assessment of the facility, 5 major issues were identified:

  1. Lack of control over critical spare parts  
  2. Inconsistent manufacturing lead times due to parts not being available at the right time
  3. Resources to manage the warehouse operations were spread thin resulting in pick errors   
  4. Inefficient use of the height available within the facility
  5. Increase QA issues as a result of dust

ELF Automation carried out an audit of the facility to determine how the issues could be solved. After analysing 3 different solutions, Spoutvac adopted the VLM system as it assisted most with the resourcing issues along with QA.


As a busy manufacturing facility, Spoutvac was nervous about the impact of implementing the VRS at one of the busiest times of the year. ELF Automation planned and managed the installation using our unique project management system which resulted in a seamless transfer of the old system to the new.


  1. 97% floor space saving
  2. Faster delivery of orders to service crew
  3. Improved order accuracy due to the new automation
  4. Manufacturing expansion due to improved floor space usage
  5. Stock control of small picked items improved
  6. Reduction is dust collection on parts

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