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Remax Doors is streamlining storage & handling of long length material with the Robotic Profile Tower


Nathalia, Victoria


Door Manufacturing


June 2023

Project Background

Remax Doors had grown to a point whereby production capacity was becoming a growth constraint.

ELF Automation was called in as automation experts to review the current processes and provide recommendations on the best way forward to unlock the growth potential whilst utilising the same facility.  

A draft report was handed down with 4 main recommendations. The biggest of these being the need to automate length material storage and retrieval. The major concern was that Remax had moved beyond the process of storing within an A-frame rack and needed this process to be faster and reduce the floorspace used so that this could be turned into production space.  

Project Details


ELF Automation recommended that Remax install an RPT system beside the robotic cutting machine to reduce reliance on personnel.

The RPT system was able to reduce the picking and cutting time of extrusion from 28 minutes to 6 minutes.


As part of the implementation of the RPT technology, ELF Automation recommended that a separate external loading bay be created for raw material drop offs directly into the machine. The ELF Automation report also recommended that the roof be raised to 12m high with capacity for a second machine at a later date.

The implementation was planned out in order to allow for continued production during the installation.


The result of implementing the RPT system has been a game changer for Remax with 5 main outcomes seen:

  1. Improved output by 40%
  2. No additional production staff required
  3. 300m2 of floorspace saved and converted to production space
  4. Greater accuracy and reduced material waste
  5. Vastly improved visibility of stock holding due to utilising inventory software system

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