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EDP Australia is reducing overheads by revolutionising the way they store and keep track of small parts for preparation and packaging machinery.


Shepparton, Victoria




July 2022

Project Background

EDP has evolved into a leading Australian supplier of fresh fruit and vegetable grading & packaging solutions including machinery and consumables.

With over seventy years of experience in the business, EDP has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience which is on offer to its customers.

An original equipment manufacturer since 1947, EDP has serviced the Australian and export markets for packaging machinery for many years. In more recent times the Company has developed strong associations with European manufactures to add to its export and domestic market range, offering the best technology in the world for fresh produce packaging and handling equipment.

Having called on ELF Automation to carry out an assessment of the facility, 4 major issues were identified:

  1. Limited floorspace within the facility creating bottlenecks for service crews
  2. Tracking of stock become difficult and they were often running out of critical spares
  3. Not enough storage capacity
  4. Manufacturing space was becoming cramped due to expanding storage area for parts and components
  5. Inefficient use of the height available within the facility

Project Details


After assessing the floorspace and current stock levels held, ELF Automation determined that EDP required 1 machine to fit 500m2 of shelving pick face. With a footprint of 15m2 that’s a 97% floor space improvement.


As a high tech piece of equipment and being Australian Made, the ELF Automation system was able to be linked to the existing WMS

During the 8 week manufacturing time, EDP commenced the customised integration with the ELF Automation software so that once the machines were installed, they were able to go live immediately


The result of improving output with the new technology has been outstanding for EDP. Customers are being serviced and the service crew on the ground can rely on the warehouse team to quickly pick and despatch needed parts for onsite maintenance.

The 5 main results seen thus far are as follows:

  1. 97% floor space saving
  2. Faster delivery of orders to service crew
  3. Improved order accuracy due to the new automation
  4. Manufacturing expansion due to improved floor space usage
  5. Stock control of small picked items improved

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