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ELF Automation Manufacturing Facility & Process

Our Australian Production Facility

Setting up a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Australian can be a challenge but ELF Automation has succeeded and committed to Australian Made technology. Operating from 2 x 3000m2 facility in Central Vicotria, ELF is able to produce and ship to all parts of Australia. Being Australian Made and having full control over our processes, ELF is a vertically integrated company whereby clients can deal directly with the manufacturer from the design phase to the inventory managements system, to integration and implementation onsite.

Our production facility is broken in to 4 segments:

  1. Folding, fabrication, powder coating  
  2. Switchboard manufacturing
  3. Electrical and mechanical
  4. Preassembly
ELF Automation Production

Our Production Process

Switchboard Manufacturing

Operating in a dust free environment, our team of technicians manufacture each switchboard in house for greater quality control and oversight. As an Australian made switchboard the wiring is to Australian Standards and can be easily understood by most electricians throughout the country. An effort has been made to use ‘off the shelf’ components without the use of PCBs or OEM systems.

Folding & Fabrication

This phase of the of build involves the main structure manufacturing of the internal framing system to the external sheet metal. Meticulous detail is required for precision and accuracy once the machine is operational. Our team of boiler makers and fabricators are the best in the industry.


This is the final step before delivering the ELF technology to the client’s site. Preassembly is responsible for testing and commissioning the machine. This involves powering up the machine, creating some test picking and testing each connection to ensure quality assurance and that minimal time is spent onsite in the commissioning phase of the project.

Industry Partners

Having strong industry partners forms the backbone of ELF technologies. Whether it be SEW for drives and motors or Siemens for PLCs, ELF invests heavily in partnering with the right industry leaders to development and stay at the forefront of the industry.

Our Clients

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